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How Dirty Carpeting Could Be Hurting Your Health

Carpets collect all sorts of dirt, grime, and bacteria over time, but because it happens so slowly, you might not notice it until your carpet has been professionally cleaned. Not only is a dirty carpet or rug unsightly, but it can also lead to real health issues. Here are some negative health effects you should be aware of and how you can avoid them.

Indoor Air Quality

Wall-to-wall carpeting came into fashion in the 1980s to deaden noise in crowded office spaces. Their ability to deaden noise due to their soft fibers contrasted with wooden or tiled floors. Unfortunately, the fibers that help with acoustics and give carpet its three-dimensional quality also collect and hold onto dirt and grime.

Carpets also hold onto allergens such as pet hair. It can be quite frustrating to clean and remove, especially when you have guests coming over that are allergic. But this can be dealt with by limiting pets to certain areas of the house, which is something many pet owners do.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean your carpet will magically stay clean. Dust in the air will settle in the carpet fibers and dirt on your shoes will come off onto the carpet and this will have an effect on the general air quality of your home.

Norwegian scientists looked into the effect carpets have on indoor air quality because of their tendency to collect these contaminants. First, they determined that carpets do in fact contain higher concentrations of dust and allergens than smooth floors. Additionally, tests show that subjects reported improved air quality when carpets were removed. This response was more pronounced the older and dirtier the carpet was.

Studies have also found a correlation between the rate of asthma diagnoses in schools and the presence of wall-to-wall carpeting. This is most likely due to the reintroduction of dust and allergens to the air when people walk across the carpet.

Skin Problems

There have been multiple reports of skin problems developing from dirty carpeting in shared office spaces. One investigation of an office in Greenland found 40% of workers developing skin problems, such as eczema. This was exacerbated by the dry indoor air quality in their building. Especially for those with sensitive skin, it’s important to keep your carpets as clean as possible to avoid ill effects.

Okay, Good to know. I’ll Just Vacuum!

Unfortunately, tests show that vacuums perform the worst on carpets when compared to other flooring types. Of course, you can’t mop a carpet, so what can you do?

At Steam Doc, we have the most effective carpet cleaning tools. We use safe, eco-friendly cleaning products that eliminate allergens, dirt, and stains. Just one cleaning and you’ll see a remarkable improvement in your indoor air quality.

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